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Skate It Off

About Me:

Name: Devan Kane

Team: Women’s Ice Hockey - Former Athlete, Class 2018

Position: Goalie

Tell us your story!!

I started Heart to Heart; a little over a year ago with the biggest intentions in the world to help student athletes. Obstacles in life can be hard to overcome, no matter the situation. On top of it however, as athletes we grow up in a world of “run it off” or “skate it off”, or even just living in the constant fear of never knowing that if we say something is wrong, if it will affect our playing time.

My freshman year I had 2 knee surgeries, sophomore year I had hip surgery, and 2 more knee surgery's my senior year. Transitioning into college was hard, but having my dreams of playing at the Division 1 level taken away before I could even have them, was even harder. I defined myself as a hockey player, as a hard worker, and someone who never gave up. So, when all of a sudden I got overwhelming feelings of not wanting to do anything, or socialize, or even try anymore, I was terrified.

I had depression for majority of my first 2 years at Sacred Heart, and I struggled. But, what I learned throughout this process is that there are people there who care about you and who will listen. My athletic trainer, Casey Quinn, was that person, the outlet I found, and who ultimately saved my athletic career from a physical aspect, but also from the mental. I owe her more than she knows (so thanks Case)!!

"My dream of Heart to Heart; was to always help people and create a conversation around the huge stigma of mental health."

I hope that my efforts leave a never ending impact on the school that turned me into the person I am today. I hope that this blog continues to shed light on mental health as a whole and allows athletes, coaches, and staff to share their perspectives on mental health or their stories as well. Over my year of creating Heart to Heart; I have heard so many people, from athletes, to professors, to deans, to athletic administration, and everyone in between, tell me that this program can change the conversation around SHU.

I can’t wait to see where SHU can take this wonderful program I love to death. I can’t wait to see how the stigma gets shutdown at the school. If I can leave this with any words of advice it is that you are not alone and that there ARE people who care and places to go to help. I lived with depression, I never gave up, even when it told me to. Neither should you, never EVER give up.

As Steve Smith of the Baltimore Ravens recently said, “It’s crucial for everyone to know that acknowledging personal struggles isn’t a sign of weakness, but one of strength”

Keep it going SHU…Roll Pios!



Class of 2018 - Women's Ice Hockey




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Fairfield, Fairfield County 06825

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