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Lifting the Stigma...literally

About Me:

Name: Chris Fee

Position/Team Coaching: Assistant Athletic Director/Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

How long have you been at SHU? Starting my 5th year.

Is Heart to Heart; Helping?

Yes I believe it is helping. The Heart to Heart; program means to me you are not alone. Everyone that shares a story or offers support can make the difference. It is a topic that for whatever reason is not talked about but effects so many.

"I think the more that are willing to come forward and share their stories will make the program stronger."

What is your perspective “from the sideline”?

I think college can be some of the best and hardest times that you will face at the time. Life will always challenge you but generally speaking when you go to college that will be one of the biggest tests in your life to date. I’m a father of two now and all the old sayings of you will see things differently is 100% true. There is no protecting a person from the hardships and personally struggles that life will throw at you. What I believe I can do with my children and also any athlete I’m lucky enough to come in contact with is to give them the tools and skills to cope with stresses and hardships they will face in life.

"The message of you are never alone in your fight is so true."

Being a freshman in college is one of the worst/best experiences you can have in your life. It is humbling and the life lessons you learn are amazing. You are homesick all the time. You are constantly having to step outside your comfort zone. No coach knows your name. You find out you have a ton of work to do to be able to play at this level. You learn the true meaning of hard work. All of these things would be hard enough and then you add school, meetings, lift, and study hall. The feeling of being alone and over whelmed in that first year is real.

I believe from the sidelines you get to watch athletes grow up. The typical freshman has a reality check when they come onto campus. This will happen no matter what. Athletics, academics and social life will humble them. To be able to watch a person enter has a child and leave a strong man or strong women is truly better than any championship I have won.

"My hope is athletes leave SHU better than when they came in and compete at every level of life."

We are all effected by mental health issues whether it’s our own battles or a loved ones battles. Every athlete that comes into the weight room is fighting some battle that we may know nothing about. Athletes are not immune from mental health issues. In fact, it can be harder to be an athlete struggling with this because it is not the norm. Athletes may hide their fight from teammates because athletics and society may still not understand or look down on someone fighting their battle. I’m so proud of the work this group has done and will continue to do for our great university. Our athletes at SHU are amazing people who are doing great things for their follow students and community.

Coach Chris Fee - Strength and Conditioning



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